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Why does Wendy’s have a free drink on Tuesdays?

Wendy’s, the popular Wendy’s chain, has introduced a free Tuesday drink for the first time in the US.

The chain’s Tuesday Drink offers free, unadulterated water for up to 24 hours, which includes tea and coffee.

The drinks are made from organic apple juice and are sold at participating restaurants nationwide, with the company also offering a limited number of bottles at participating locations.

A spokesperson for Wendy’s told the Associated Press that the free drink is a “unique opportunity to offer our customers a free, delicious beverage” on Tuesday, and that it is “part of our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of our products, and to our communities.”

The spokesperson added that customers can use the free water to refill their water bottles or use it to wash dishes.

The free Tuesday water also includes an item called a “Wendy-Style Drink” that is a non-alcoholic alternative to regular water.

The spokesperson said the free Tuesday Drink is a great way to bring in customers for a Tuesday drink with an extra-healthy alternative.

Wendy’s has been experimenting with ways to make healthier options available to its customers, including offering free, fresh fruit juice on TuesDAYS and offering free soft drinks on Tues.

Wednesday and Thursday will also feature free hot alcoholic beverages, and the chain is planning to offer free snacks on Wednesdays.

The company said the offer is in addition to the daily specials offered for WednesDAYS at participating Wendy’s restaurants nationwide.

What’s the difference between Wendy’s and Starbucks?

Wendy’s is in its second year of a $100 million marketing blitz.

Its new beverage, Wendy’s Birthday Drink, is the company’s biggest ever and the first ever for a beverage that comes in a bottle that is smaller than a cup.

The $25 drink is a $6.99-a-bottle, 25-ounce bottle that can be purchased in Canada for $12.99 a bottle.

Wendy’s has also expanded its product line to include new frozen yogurt, hot drinks, coffee and tea drinks and even a snack bar.

“Wendy said it was really important to us that we had a beverage to go with the day,” said Tim Schulte, executive vice-president of Wendy’s beverages and beverage operations.

“Our team is going to have a lot of fun and a lot more energy with this.”

Wendy’s had a huge success with the Happy Hour, which was its first birthday drink in nearly a decade, in 2010.

It had over 6,000 customers at its stores.

“It’s a very good birthday product for people,” Schultes said.

“We’ve done this for years and it’s a great product.”

Wendy and its CEO, Doug McMillon, said they are happy with the response from the Happy Hours.

“The excitement we’ve seen from our customers, the passion we’ve had from our employees and the excitement our customers have shown for the products has been overwhelming,” McMillon said.

The new drink is the latest in a line of products launched by the company in a bid to attract younger consumers.

The company’s new product line, Wendy.

Birthday Drink is the first Wendy’s beverage to feature a smaller bottle.

(CBC)McMillon said the Happy Moments line has had an impact on Wendy’s business.

“They’ve been incredibly supportive of us in terms of marketing,” he said.

Wendy announced in September that it had launched a line featuring a smaller, 20-ounce, 25 cent bottle that comes with a free Happy Hour meal voucher.

The Happy Hour includes a free meal voucher for anyone aged 15 to 34 and is available in a variety of restaurants.

“We’ve had a very strong response from our customer base,” McMillion said.

McDonald’s Happy Hour and Wendy’s Happy Minute are two brands that are competing with each other for younger consumers, said Greg Kappel, senior director of research at Nielsen Canada.

The McDonald’s product lines have had a positive impact on sales of McDonald’s, Kappels said.

In the US, Wendy and Wendy�s Happy Hour have outsold McDonald�s and the company says its total food and beverage sales have increased by over 60 per cent.

The average Wendy�tral is 25 per cent bigger than a standard Wendy�d drink, according to Nielsen. The Wendy�y�s Birthday Drink will be the company�s third Wendy�m birthday drink.

The original Happy Hour drink was sold in October.

Wendy�ll is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has had a long history with Happy Hours and Happy Nights.

It launched in 2010 as a way to encourage people to have fun and spend less time in the office.

It has also helped the company gain more than 5,000 new loyal customers each day.

Wendys sales have been growing steadily for the last few years and were up more than 20 per cent in the quarter ending June 30, according a company release.

McDonalds has also been enjoying success in the market.

The fast food chain has seen its sales grow from $4.7 billion in 2011 to $8.3 billion in 2014.

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