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What to expect on Christmas Eve in Calgary

Christmas Eve will be an interesting time for the city’s residents.

“There will be lots of fireworks, there will be a lot of fun with the parade, there’ll be lots going on at the Christmas tree and there’ll also be a large number of fireworks,” said city councillor Brian Masse.

Calgary’s resident bands have been preparing for the holiday with performances, food and drink.

“This will be the busiest time of year for Calgary,” said Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin.

There will be more than 200,000 fireworks in the city.

Fireworks will be lit at the Royal Albert Hall, which will be illuminated at 8 p.m. on Christmas Day.

There’s also a number of events planned in the Calgary community.

“People will be dancing at the Calgary Stampede Parade, there are going to be a number people dancing at this year’s Calgary Stamps Parade and there will also be an event going on for the new year’s Eve at the Kootenay Iceplex.

People are going there to enjoy the ice, the floats and also the fireworks,” Masse said.

The city is hosting a special concert for Calgary residents.

Masse will be joining the band Bluebell and the Canadian band The Bluebird.

The show is set for 6 p.t. at the Morningside Ballroom.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi says people will be celebrating in the downtown core.

“I think people are going in to celebrate Christmas, but we also want to look forward to welcoming everybody back into Calgary for the festivities,” Nenshan said.

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