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What’s the best way to enjoy an amaretto?

The most common beverage on American shores is a cup of coffee, but it’s also a staple in local bars and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a drink that’s both refreshing and delicious, we’re here to help.

Here are a few drinks you might want to try on your next night out.1.

Blueberry Mango Balsamic Blueberry $9.49, Starbucks, 7:30pm2.

Amaretto Lavender $8.49 or $9.99, Bars and Eatery, 8pm3.

Blue Cherry Lemon $6.49 (4% off), Budweiser, 10pm4.

Peach Lime $7.99 (5% off) , Stuttgart, 12pm5.

Orange Twist Tangerine $4.99 or $6.99 at Tops Pops, 5pm6.

Blackberry Tango $3.49 , Barista, 6pm7.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pumpkin $2.49 at Ruth’s Ruths, 4pm8.

Orange Blossom $1.49  (5% discount) (8pm), Barista, 10pm9.

Blue Raspberry Tofu $0.49 with a free one-ounce drink, Barbecue Pit, 9pm10.

Apple Mango Lollipop $10.49 for a 30ml bottle, Pineapple Pizzeria, 11pm11.

Peach Mushroom $11.49/3.8oz.

bottle, Barbecued Beef Pizza Hut, 3am12.

Lemon Apple $14.49 and 5.7oz. Bottle at Culver City Brewing, 2am13. 

Lemon Zinfandel $13.49 a 12oz.

glass, Voodoo Doughnuts, 1pm14. 

Mint Green Tea $15.49 12oz bottle at Passion Coffee, Thursday, 14:30am15. 

Blueberry Cream $18.49 in a 3oz. Bottle at Barbaroo, Friday, 17:30AM16. 

Balsam Fir $19.49 on draft, Tastes Like Liquor, Saturday, 21:30PM17. 

Ginger Pineapples $17.49 bottled at Mountain House, Sunday, 23:30 pm18. 

Banana Cream $25.49-28oz bottle, Voodoo Doughnut, Monday, 26:30 am19. 

Caramel Apple $26.49 -28oz bottle, Naughty Naughty, Tuesday, 28:30 PM20. 

Cinnamon Spice Mango Mango Pomegranate $29.99 in a 12 oz bottle, Blue Ridge Brewing, Thursday, 30pm21. 

Pumpkins $30.49 each bottled at Lone Pine Brewing, Sunday, 24:00pm22. 

Tofurky $31.49-$49 bottles at  Blue Ridge Brewing Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday*Available in select bars and stores in the New York City area. 

21-day trial.

Offer valid for beverage purchases of up to $49.99.

Starbucks Matcha drinks may boost energy drinks sales, according to a new study

Starbucks Matchas, one of the top-selling energy drinks brands in the United States, is gaining ground on other drinks brands.

According to the latest Consumer Reports study, Matcha has been named the top energy drink by the public in the U.S. since 2010, and it is also gaining traction among consumers who are looking for healthier options.

The study, which was released Tuesday, found that Matcha sales have been climbing steadily for the past two years, and in 2015, they surpassed PepsiCo and Coke as the most popular energy drink.

The report says that Matchas sales grew by 4.9% last year, and analysts are expecting a 4.6% jump this year.

The new Starbucks Matchamax drinks will contain Matcha and Matcha-infused energy drinks made from organic soy milk.

Starbucks said the new drinks will be available in the company’s stores and online beginning next month.

Starbucks drinks Starbucks Matcha drinks in Dubai

The world’s biggest coffee chain Starbucks said on Thursday that it was planning to release Matcha tea in Dubai.

The drinks will be available for purchase at the Starbucks bar chain in Dubai and in other Starbucks-owned stores and cafes, including in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai International Airport.

Starbucks said it plans to open its first Starbucks-branded Starbucks bar in Dubai in late 2017.

“Starbucks Matchah is a new, exciting beverage to introduce to the Dubai market,” the company said in a statement.

“We’re excited to launch this beverage and look forward to opening it in the Emirates and other Starbucks stores and cafés in Dubai.”

Starbucks, founded in 1975 in San Francisco, has been growing at a fast clip in recent years, and it is the third-largest coffee chain in the world after Starbucks Corp. and Starbucks Coffee Roasters.

The coffee chain recently reported a third-quarter profit of $1.16 billion, or $5.90 per share.

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