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How to find the perfect drink to kick off your 2018 NFL season

What is your favorite drink to sip on after work?

The answer is not so easy.

Here are 10 drinks that you may not want to miss out on during the next two weeks.1.

Derma Drink: I can’t believe this drink is in the iced version.

I’m not a big drinker, but it was the best one I’ve tried.

It’s sweet, it’s smooth, and it has a bit of a caffeine kick.2.

Drink of the Month: Dos, deos, and more deos!

This is the drink I drink on the weekend, when I’m craving a few hours of sleep and nothing but good things to do. 3.

Dizzy Dip: I like to drink this one at the end of the day, and then it’s time to go to bed.


Coffee Cider Smoothie: This smoothie has a nice balance of caffeine and protein.


Coffee Cup: If you’re in the mood for a cup of joe and a good book, this coffee cup is the perfect companion.


Coffee Mug: It’s a coffee mug and it’s perfect.


Mule Drink: I think it’s a bit odd to be drinking coffee with a Mule.

It would make me feel like I’m the one drinking coffee.

But I think it would make a good mule drink.


Diesel Fuel Drink: It’s the same as the Diesel Fuel drink from the movies, but with a bit more flavor and less caffeine.9. 

Pepsi Water Drink: This is one of the only water drinks I have that I like, so I drink it when I need a little extra water.10.

Coffeed Soda:  This soda is great for people who don’t drink alcohol, and is a lot cheaper than a glass of wine.

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