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How to make kava drink recipe – with no gin, vodka or absinthes

The ingredients of a kava tea are all natural, according to Dr. John Tew, a naturopathic doctor and herbalist who runs the herbal medicine and herbal therapy website www.thekavaworld.com.

He says kava drinks can be made with all sorts of herbal remedies and are ideal for those who are on a low-carbohydrate diet.

The ingredients are all sourced locally and have a high content of vitamins and minerals.

“You can use fresh ginger, garlic and chamomile.

You can use lemon, rosemary, sage and thyme,” Dr. Tew said.

“There are many other ingredients in kava that are very good for people with depression and anxiety.”

He says you can also make kavalactones, a compound found in the plant known as kavalassia.

They are a powerful mood stabilizer and have been used to treat a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, migraines and other mood disorders.

“The kava root is a wonderful plant and has a wonderful healing effect,” he said.

There are several kava extracts available online, and you can buy a tea from the store and have it delivered to your home.

You could also buy a variety of kava supplements, which include kava-derived vitamins and extracts, and add a teaspoon of kavalacetam to the mix to enhance your kava experience.

“Kava is a very popular tea in India, especially in the south, so you can use any of the available varieties,” Dr Tew explained.

“I would recommend buying from a health food store or online.”

For more kava recipes, see:

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