When the Starbucks strawberry drink got bad news: ‘We need to be more careful’

Oct 9, 2021 Blog

Starbucks is trying to get customers back to the table with a new strawberry drink, but a recent survey found that customers don’t like it.

The results of the latest Starbucks survey, which was conducted between July 26 and Aug. 15, showed that only 41% of customers said they like it, down from 55% last year.

Starbucks has said that the drink is “coming along nicely,” but the coffee giant needs to be careful about how it delivers the new beverage.

A number of factors went into the decision to scrap the drink.

The most popular drink among the Starbucks customers was the Strawberry Jam, which comes in a strawberry flavored drink.

But the strawberry drink is so popular, the brand is trying new things with it, like using chocolate instead of strawberry jam to replace it.

Starbucks also changed the strawberry flavor of its strawberry drink in the past.

The strawberry drink also isn’t getting the love it deserves.

Just 18% of Starbucks customers said it’s their favorite drink, down slightly from 25% last summer.

And the Strawberry Cup was the most popular beverage among the coffee drinkers, with 52% saying they enjoy it, but only 29% said they love it.

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