How to get a body armor drink on eBay for $80

Oct 9, 2021 contact

After buying a $80 electronic body armor pack at an auction site, it became difficult to make a profit from it.

The problem was that the sellers were only offering the item for $60.

So, the online auction site eBay took matters into its own hands and offered to sell it for $800.

eBay said the offer was valid until March 1, 2018, and the seller had to agree to the terms.

The seller agreed, and eBay said that it would send the items to the buyer.

The seller had no idea that the buyer was an eBay customer, but was not informed of any restrictions or limitations.

After bidding on the item, the seller received the payment via PayPal on March 1.

That’s when the eBay buyer got an email telling him that the seller did not agree to all the terms and conditions of the eBay auction.

The eBay buyer said he did not receive the email, so he contacted eBay to let them know that he had been duped.

He said he then contacted eBay customer service to get the auction company to contact him about the sale.

After contacting eBay, the buyer received an email from eBay saying that the item had been canceled and that the auction was not valid.

The buyer then called eBay customer support to get an explanation.

The email said that the eBay seller had not received the auction receipt, and that he should try contacting the eBay sales representative.

The eBay sales rep told the buyer to call the company immediately and get an email back from eBay to ask for the auction items.

The buyer called the company again on April 2 and asked to speak to an eBay sales person, but he was told that the company did not have an automated phone number.

The sales rep then told the seller to contact eBay again, and said that they had a system in place to contact the buyer if they had any questions about the auction.

The customer called the sales rep back and asked the seller if he wanted to pay the seller a $100 deposit and then return the item.

The auction was canceled and the eBay refund policy had not been changed, the eBay rep said.

The customer contacted eBay again and again asking for the refund, but the seller said he had no interest in refunding the buyer, according to the complaint.

The court ordered the eBay company to return the $800 to the eBay customer.

The company sent a letter on May 3 to the seller saying that it was unable to verify the refund request and that it did not accept refunds from buyers.

The letter stated that the refund would not be processed until after the eBay order had been processed.

The judge said that eBay did not respond to the court’s ruling and that its refund policy was “inconclusive.”

The eBay rep told The Washington Post that it will not accept refund requests from customers unless the buyer pays the seller the full purchase price.

The company did offer the buyer a partial refund of $100 and said the buyer should contact eBay support to ask about the refund process.

The refund policy has not been updated since the date the buyer made his eBay purchase, and it is unclear how long the buyer has to contact its support team before the refund can be processed.

A spokesperson for eBay said in a statement that the “buyer was given the option to make the purchase online, but we cannot offer the same level of protection that we offer our customers in our stores and we have taken that option away from them.”

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