How to Make a Drinking Song for Your New Year’s Eve party

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How do you say “Happy New Year!” to a party full of people you don’t even know?

It can be as simple as a drink that says “I’ll See You In 2018” on the side, or as complicated as a song that’s so loud and repetitive it’ll be a distraction from your party.

But for those who want to make sure the party is full of new people in 2018, here are some ways to make a drinking song that will keep the revelers happy in 2018.1.

Make a music video for a holiday that’s already here2.

Make an ode to the year you celebrated3.

Make some holiday wishes4.

Celebrate a new holidayYou can also make a holiday-themed drinking song to celebrate a holiday like Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year, or even a new year with a big party.

Here are a few suggestions.1: Make a drinking party song for the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas2: Make an upbeat holiday drinking song for Thanksgiving3: Make some Christmas-themed music4: Celebrate ChristmasDay5: Make your own drinking party music song6: Make holiday wishes for your friends or family7: Make festive music for your new year8: Celebrating a new Christmas9: Make something festive for your familyChristmas is always a good time to make an entertaining holiday-inspired drinking song, so here are a couple of suggestions for this year’s holiday festivities.1) Make a Christmas-inspired song for Christmas2) Make some festive holiday wishes3) Celebrate Santa’s Holidays4) Make something merry for your kidsChristmas is usually one of the first things people remember about the holidays, so it’s easy to get excited for this festive occasion.

But what if you want to be more involved in your celebrations, and celebrate a new tradition with your family?

Here are some ideas for creating an upbeat drinking song.1,2: Start with a drinking game that’s just for you3: Add a little music to the mix4: Make music for the kids to enjoy5: Celebrated the holidays with your kidsHappy New Years is a big year for people to be thankful for, so why not get everyone into the holiday spirit?

Here’s how to celebrate it in 2018 with this drinking song:1: Get in the holiday mood2: Dance for the first time in forever3: Have a fun drinking game4: Play the game5: Get your family and friends together6: Have some drinks7: Dance to the song8: Share your happy wishes9: Share with the entire family

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