Which NFL drinks are best for post workout?

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If you’ve been following my daily posts on post-workout drinks, you know that I’m a huge fan of the pre-workouts drink.

I’m also a big fan of some of the other pre- and post- workouts drinks that I use, but none of them really caught my eye until I read the article below by the DrinkBuddies team.

They’ve put together a list of pre- workouts drinks, and the DrinkBrewers have compiled a list, too.

The DrinkBrewer team recommends the following pre- workouts drink for every level of athlete: Tamarindos: DrinkOne (available at Walmart and online) is a sweet, savory concoction that has a light maltiness and coconut milk.

The drink contains coconut milk and caramel syrup. 

Tacos: Caviar and coconut sugar add a creamy texture to the drink.

I usually add some coconut milk to the cocktail, but it’s optional.

Lemonade: A light, fruity cocktail made from crushed pineapple, lime juice, lemon, and ice cubes.

It’s also a great way to kick-start the day.

Ice Cakes: This is a refreshing concoction made with chilled coconut water, whipped cream, ice cream, and sugar.

Dessert: Make it yourself: The recipe below is for a cocktail, so you can add your own twists on the ingredients.

You can use a lemonade base and sweetened coconut milk as the base, or use the lemonade and coconut syrup as the flavor.

Ingredients for a T-Mix: Mix the ingredients for the cocktail in a mixing bowl.

Drinks for pre- workout: The following pre workout drinks are perfect for a post-run shake: SodaStream®: I always like to add a splash of the refreshing drink to my pre-race drink.

Just add 1 scoop to the water.

GymNuggets®: This drink is a classic that can be mixed with the soda stream to get a little kick. BikeShake®: The mix is simple, and you can mix it up with a lemon or soda water. 

The DrinkBud Team recommends the post- and pre-mixed drink: Taco Bell® (available online) This drink combines lime, ginger, and lime juice to give a refreshing bite.

The mix of lime and ginger is a perfect addition to any pre- or post- workout drink. 

(Image source: www.drinkbucks.com) DrinkBud suggests the following post-miked drink: Diet Drinks: Try a post workout drink to boost your post workout energy levels and get ready for the race.

The following Diet Drinks are good for post-race recovery: Strawberry Limeade: A refreshing beverage with a touch of lime, lemon juice, and strawberry to help you kick-up your post-training energy. 

 Diet Coke: The drink is sweetened with strawberry juice and a splash to add some bite. 

Protein shakes: These post-fitness shakes are good to add to your post workouts shake for a bit of protein and electrolytes. 

Eating Breakfast with Drinks for Post-Workout Recovery: Eats breakfast with a pre-planned post workout meal.

What are the best post-exercise drinks?

Tamari is a simple, tasty concoction from the DietDrinks team.

It combines coconut milk, coconut sugar, lime, and a dash of vanilla. 

Lemon and Orangeade: This drink is great for post workouts.

You add lime juice and orange juice to make it taste better.

Banana Smoothie: The drink is easy to mix up and makes a great post-fuel beverage.

It comes in a shot glass and is made with bananas and a touch water.

This is a great pre-run recovery drink.

(Image source.

DrinkBuds) The following post workout drinks can also be good for recovery: Orange and Coconut Milk: Try a pre workout drink that combines orange juice and coconut water to get your post exercise energy flowing. 

Orange juice and Coconut Energy Boost: These post workout beverages are perfect to get you ready for your post run recovery. 

Banana Limeade and Strawberry Limeade : Try adding a splash or two of the fresh, lemon and strawberry juice to this post workout recovery drink to help kick-back your muscles. 

Sweetener of the Day: Mix the sugar, honey, and vanilla in a blender and mix with a scoop of orange juice, coconut milk or soda. 

Honey is another great pre workout sugar.

Mix in the ice and you have a great option for pre workout recovery

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