“I want to play with this kava!” – Kotaku interview with Super Metroid creator Alex Lifschitz

Aug 6, 2021 Blog

Kotaku has released an interview with Alex Lifshitz, the man who’s worked on Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime: Samus Returns, Metroid: Samuss Awakening, and more.

The interview touches on everything from the design of the game to how Metroid is remembered in video games, and it’s a fascinating read.

You can read the whole thing on Polygon, but here are some of the highlights:On his design process for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:When I first pitched the idea to Alex, I said, “I think we should make a Metroid game that’s not a Metroid clone.”

So I told him that, and he said, “[Makes sense].

What if I do something like this?

I don’t know how to do that yet.”

So he said I should write a script, write some dialogue and then do it.

It was just a really nice conversation.

It took me a little while to really figure out how to make the script, because I was really nervous and scared of writing it.

So Alex was like, “You know, I can tell you what you should do.

It’s a little complicated.”

And I was like: “Oh, okay.”

So, I went into the script with a few ideas.

One was, what if you had to choose between your character’s life and his or her mission?

You know, that was one of the hardest parts of the script.

And then I went in and changed it.

The script said, you know, “Samus wants to protect the galaxy, but she wants to make sure that her people are well fed, well cared for and have a home.

She has to protect Metroid.”

And so I made that part of the plot.

And then I realized that it would be hard to write, I would have to have a script for all the different choices, because the script would need to make sense.

So I said to Alex I should do this script, and I’ll do it this way.

He said, well, this is going to be hard, because what I’m trying to do is make sure it doesn’t make sense that this character would be a Samus clone.

And that was sort of his way of telling me I’m not supposed to make this script.

I’m supposed to write this script for the people who have already made the script.

“And that’s kind of the way I ended up doing it.

On how Metroid’s story is set in a post-apocalyptic universe:It’s not the only game that has that theme.

And I don`t know if we can say that this one is the most obvious.

I don´t think I can, because Metroid: Zero Mission was a game that was set in an alternate universe, which is what you have to do in a game.

And Metroid: Prime: Hunters was a very different game, because it was set during a time where you have no weapons, and so it had to be a little more tactical.

So it was hard to say, you have a lot of things to say in this universe, but you can’t really say what that means.

And it`s hard to tell, because there are things that are going to make you angry and upset, but there are also things that you will love, because you know you will like it, but then you will feel like you`re not happy.

And you will want to tell everyone that, because we don`re trying to tell you how it should be.

But there is one other way of looking at it.

Metroid: Hunters had a kind of “this is what we’re doing here” feel to it.

And we kind of tried to take that to a place where we can put a little bit of this game there.

I mean, this story, I mean we can have that kind of sense of, what is this world going to look like, what are the things we are going through, what does this have to mean?

And that`s kind of what Metroid Prime has.

I want to take it in a different direction and make it something more about the characters.

And this is where it started.

It wasn`t really like we were trying to make a story.

We were trying, instead, to tell a story about people who are trying to protect their planet.

And so there are characters that have a mission to do something about that, but it`ll be a kind a slow story that will make you happy.

On why Metroid is known for its dark humor:It`s not a game about violence or anything like that.

It`s a game with a lot to say about that.

And the reason we put it in that setting is because we have this story about a space ship that goes out into space.

And people are dying and they`re getting hit by lasers and they are getting shot at, and that kind in

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