What you need to know about the Bellini and Bellini Pro drinks

Jul 27, 2021 about

Bellini’s newest offering is the Bellis Pro, a “dazzling new drink” that’s “delightful and refreshing” and “tastes just like beer” for a “truly unique experience”.

It’s an easy-drinking option, with “six flavours and a range of unique flavours” that are “deliciously balanced” with “two to four times the caffeine” of the regular drink.

The Bellis Pesto is a “premium wine” that “has a strong flavour of the wine and a slight aroma”.

For a more complex experience, the Belli Dazzle cocktail is “the most sophisticated cocktail” and is “a cocktail that has been created to make you feel like you’re in a museum”.

There’s also a “delicate and luxurious” Bellini-branded “premier” cocktail “made with sparkling champagne and a mix of fresh fruit, fruit juices, and spices”.

The Bellini Classic is “an elegant, elegant cocktail” that has “a rich and complex flavour of its own”.

It “is a cocktail that is full of the freshest ingredients from all around the world”, and “is perfect for a romantic dinner or a quiet evening at home”.

The “premise is a perfect blend of flavours”, so it’s a “sip on the drink and you will be transported back to a classic era”.

The drink is available in “a range of popular flavours” including “black cherry, raspberry, raspberry-apple, lemonade, peach, peach-flavoured vodka and more”.

The menu offers “deluxe cocktails” including the Bellissimo, “a sparkling vodka cocktail” with fresh lemon juice and fresh-squeezed pear, a cocktail “with a refreshing twist”, and a “smoky cocktail”.

The Pestos have “a special cocktail”, which “is filled with a blend of fresh strawberries and cranberries”.

The bar has a “full bar”, which includes a “café with a choice of seven drinks”, and there are “two-ounce servings of our premium wines, including a special Pestola”.

You can buy the Bellinis in the US, UK, and Ireland at Bellini.com or at select locations.

The Irish are also getting the Bellinas, but the drink isn’t available in Ireland.

In Australia, there’s also the Bellico.

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