How to drink water without leaving fingerprints

Jul 20, 2021 Blog

The government says it has developed a way to clean up a water supply after it leaked a chemical in an old pipe, a leak that has left people without a safe source of water.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority said the water had been cleaned up at a site at an industrial site in the western suburbs.

The agency’s head, Dr Mark Jones, said the process involved “bulk disposal of the water in a landfill site”.

“The EPA will be looking at the landfill site to ensure the water has been disposed of properly and in a manner that does not contain any contaminants,” he said.

He said the EPA had not been told where the leak occurred.

“It’s very likely the leak has occurred at the site of a landfill or a nearby industrial site.”

We can’t be sure, but if there was a leak in the wastewater treatment unit, then the leak would be at the water treatment unit.

“Water has been supplied to homes in the area for about two weeks, with the water being treated by the EPA.

Water and sewer services have been restored to the area.

A spokesman for the NSW government said it was working with the EPA to make sure the site was cleaned up.

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