Why does the Italian Serie A need a new, innovative drinking game?

Jul 18, 2021 Blog

The Serie A is known for its famous ‘Borat’ (bronze and red) and ‘Hooliganism’ (brown) footballs.

In the past, these have been used as part of competitions in the Italian Premier League, but this season the rules have been changed, to create a brand new drinking game, which is called ‘Horsemanship’.

This is in addition to the usual pre-match drinking, which includes beer, wine, cocktails and ice.

It is a great idea, because the alcohol content is also lower than it was in previous seasons.

However, this season’s horsemanship drink is not just for the players, but also for spectators.

In addition to ‘Hooniganism’, this drink also includes a beer or beer/wine combo, a glass of brandy, a bottle of champagne and a bottle or bottle of gin.

These drinks can be used for both on-field and off-field activities.

However there are a few things to keep in mind when enjoying this new drinking experience.

First of all, you need to be a fan of the team.

The first game of the season is the Serie A final, and all the players and the team have to show their support by drinking the same drink.

If you don’t like it, you can drink a different drink instead.

Second, you must drink in moderation.

This means you need not drink more than one drink.

You should drink less than two drinks.

The third rule is that you cannot drink while seated.

The fourth rule is a bit more complicated.

In order to get into the club, you have to be at least 21 years old and not be in a team or the club has already played a game.

You can also use the alcohol for free if you don.e it is available at the club.

This year’s ‘Hooker’ drink is a combination of gin, orange juice and vodka.

It can be bought in bottles, and is available for €1.50.

To buy the drink, you should pay the equivalent of €2.50 for the regular drink and €2 for the ‘Hoop’.

It is also possible to buy it online for €3.50 and €3 for the special.

You need to pay €2 at the door.

To use the ‘hoop’ drink, first you have two minutes to drink and then you have four minutes to pour the drink.

After you have made your decision, you just need to shake the bottle to get it in your mouth.

The bottle is usually empty and you just have to drink it.

The rules also state that you can use the bottle for two hours after drinking, but it is recommended that you keep the bottle empty, especially if you have a family member who is drunk.

To drink, the drink can be consumed at the bar, on the pitch or even in the kitchen.

After that, you are free to leave.

But the main rule is not to drink at the end of the game, and you should be careful if you do.

If, for example, you accidentally drink too much alcohol while celebrating, the team cannot award you a penalty or suspension for this.

However you can be fined for this, and if you fail to comply, the punishment is three points and you can lose a game point.

Also, you cannot take the alcohol with you during a match, which makes it even more important to avoid it.

This drink can also be bought for €5, which would be €5 for the game and €4 for the beer or wine combo.

For the ‘Lemonade’, there are also a few extra rules.

First, you will not have to pay to get your ‘Hoover’ drink at a restaurant, and there is a separate fee for the drink itself.

Secondly, there is no limit on how many drinks you can buy, although you can only buy one bottle of ‘Hoe’.

Lastly, the ‘Pomodoro’ is not included in the special, and will cost €3, which you can purchase at the entrance to the stadium, where it is on sale.

This special has a limit of one drink, and the bottle must be empty and empty by the time you get to the bar.

So if you want to enjoy a drink at home with your family, this is a good option.

This is the first season of the new drinking style in the Serie Agenciale.

This new drink will also be used in the 2015/16 campaign, which starts from August 1.

You will need to register your team and drink for the competition.

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