Kava drink: Kids drinks for the first time

Jun 18, 2021 edit

A new Kava beverage has just hit the market in the US, and it’s called Kava Juice.

This is the first of a new line of kids drinks that include a drink called the Kava Cup.

 This is actually the first Kava Drink you’ll be able to purchase in the States.

The company behind this new line is called Gatorade, and the name is based on the fact that the company’s founders are all guys.

Gatorade CEO, Dan Wiedefeld, said that this new Kama is actually a new way to make drinks for kids.

“The Kava Cups were a natural extension of the idea of a children’s beverage,” he said.

“For us, it’s about providing a new beverage for kids to consume in an exciting way.”

The Kama Cup is made with a variety of fruits and vegetables, including kale, sweet potato, and blueberries.

It is a simple, easy drink, and once you’ve tried it, you can order it online.

We’re all in.

As for the Kama, you will find it in two different flavors.

“For the first two flavors, we will only be offering Kava-flavored Kava Water and Kava Kava.

For the third flavor, we’ll also be offering a limited number of Kava Cola,” the company said in a press release.

Here’s a video of Gatoradepost talking about the new Kavas:What are your thoughts on the new beverage?

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