Keto drinks are going mainstream: New York Times

Jun 16, 2021 contact

New York, NY — The world has embraced keto drinks.

In a world of sugary sodas, it seems natural to have a keto beverage, and it’s been embraced by some.

The latest in the keto diet craze comes in the form of Keto Ice Drink, which was released this week by NYC’s Keto Lounge.

The drink is available in four flavors: a watermelon, a pineapple, a lime and a grapefruit, according to Keto.

It was originally developed for New York City, but it’s also been available in the U.K. and Australia.

“The ice is light, so it tastes refreshing on its own, and is also low in sugar, which is nice,” said Krista Schuster, a spokesperson for Keto, who said the drink has been making its way through the drink industry, and will soon hit stores across the country.

The Keto Club, a NYC-based club dedicated to the ketogenic diet, has sold out in minutes, and the drink is being distributed in dozens of locations nationwide.

It has the same appeal to a lot of people, Schuster said, as the sugary drinks of the past.

“A lot of us think it’s just sugar, and a lot people are getting that message,” she said.

“It’s just a really healthy option.”

New York’s Ketonice, which has already been sold out, has been distributing its ice drink through a special vending machine.

The machine can be accessed on the floor of the Ketonce.

It is available at all the Keto clubs, which offer their own vending machines to encourage people to participate in the drink.

The machines are a way for the clubs to spread the word about the drink, said Ketoncie co-founder and CEO Krista Schroeder.

“Keto Ice is a great way to spread this message because it’s a very popular drink,” she added.

The drinks have been available at Keton Club locations around the city, including the Kontrol, where they have been sold to date.

Keton Ice, like the others, can be purchased in the Kompany, the Kolec, Keto Lager, and Keto Juice bars.

The flavors and sizes of the drinks vary from the original Keton club, but Schuster says the ice is made in the same way as the Kepol, a ketchup and mustard-based drink that has been available since 2003.

The ketonice also comes in various flavors, including lime and strawberry.

“If you like it a bit sweet, you can add a little lemon to the drink,” Schroeder said.

Keto’s ice is being sold through vending machines in the city and at Kontroll and other Keton clubs.

There’s even a Keto Soda, which costs $1 and is available to order at any KetonClub location.

Ketero is also selling Ketonites, which can be ordered through the Kerena bar, and are also available at the Ketopine Club.

The ice drinks come in three flavors: watermelon (watermelon, lemon, lime, strawberry), pineapple (lime, strawberry, mango), grapefruit (melon, grapefruit), and pineapple (water, lime).

The Keteros are also being sold at the bars at Ketostin, Keton, and other NYC bars.

“We are excited to be able to bring this to the city,” Schroder said.

The Manhattan Shake, which includes a watery ice beverage, was released last year in the New York area.

It also was available in Australia.

The product is not currently available in New York.

“For the first time, Manhattan Shake is available nationally,” said Keto president and CEO Ryan Henneman.

“At the Komega, the Manhattan Shake was first released in Australia and we’re excited to bring it to the New Yorker as well,” he said.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was also in attendance to celebrate the launch of the Manhattan Shakes at Komegah.

NYC is one of the first U.S. cities to embrace a ketogenic lifestyle, with the New Jersey City Council passing a resolution last month to allow people with diabetes to legally consume Keto beverages.

Ketic is the new movement of diet and exercise.

It’s the result of a decade-long movement by scientists to reduce weight, promote healthy living, and improve the quality of life for people with a range of medical conditions, including diabetes.

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