Why did the world have to have a ghost energy drinks?

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By DANIEL MOSLEY-MITCHELL | The Jerusalem Mail | February 12, 2020 08:51:51While people in the U.K. and Germany may be enjoying their Christmas, New Yorkers and Canadians can rejoice as they have the same choice of drink available.

According to the Guinness World Records, the first drink to win the title of Guinness World Record is a brand new product, the Ghost Energy Drink, which is made by the company Beam Energy.

The Ghost Energy drink is the latest innovation in the world of energy drinks, which have been gaining popularity in recent years as consumers have become more and more energy-conscious.

The drink is made from a mixture of natural ingredients and is the result of years of research by Beam, which has also created products that include the New Zealand-made Kiwi Kiwi and the U,S.-based Z-Power, which claims to boost energy levels by 20%.

While energy drinks are generally associated with the high-calorie and sugar-laden types of beverages that are popular in the United States, their popularity has spread across the world, with energy drinks becoming increasingly popular in countries including Japan, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Some of the biggest and most successful companies are also based in the West, and this has resulted in a surge in demand for energy drinks in the past few years.

A spokesman for Beam Energy said the company was “very proud” to have been named Guinness World Prize Winner for the Ghost energy drink, and that the company had been working with Guinness for more than 20 years to make this one of the most unique energy drinks ever.

“This is our biggest success to date and we are looking forward to celebrating it with Guinness World Club members on Sunday,” the spokesman said.

A spokeswoman for Z-Energy said the Guinness Prize had “been a real joy” for the company, and said it would celebrate the award with a celebratory party.

“We are thrilled to be the recipient of the Guinness Guinness World Book of Records for the best energy drink ever and we look forward to welcoming guests to celebrate with us and our staff at the New York City celebration,” the spokeswoman said.

“Our Ghost Energy drinks are the best in the industry, and the Guinness Book of records recognizes their innovation, craftsmanship and quality.”

While many energy drinks on the market today are made with sugar or artificial flavors, the Guinness book of records lists three different types of energy drink that are produced using a combination of natural materials, and they are the same for all three types of drinks.

The Guinness World record for the most energy drinks is the New Zealander-made Spark, which contains 80 percent pure caffeine, and was named Guinness Book Of Records for its caffeine content.

It is also a Guinness World Runner-up, having made the Guinness world record for energy drink energy, which was established by an American woman who was also a world record holder for the longest-running energy drink race in the history of the world.

The New York Times recently reported that Z-Force, which uses natural ingredients, is making its first ever energy drink.

The company said it had developed a product that is 100 percent caffeine free and has a caffeine content of 30 percent and that its products will be distributed to customers around the world by Guinness World Clubs and the company has also released an official video of its product.

The spokesman for ZPower said the drink had received a “tremendous amount of interest” from the Guinness record-setting world and that it was delighted to be named Guinness world prize winner.

“Z-Power is very proud of the success we have achieved in delivering the Guinness Energy Drink and is excited to be recognized for our unique product,” he said.

“We are excited to share with Guinness Club members and all of our customers a special celebratory celebration with us at New York’s Central Park on Sunday.”

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